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↳ anonymous asked: Rose, Amelia or Clara?


Photoshoot for The Happiness patrol with Helen A. and Fifi.


The wedges aren’t very practical. [x]

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He is turning now, seeing all his friends waving at him from the walkaway. There’s Craig and Sophie, and their son. He’s a couple of years now. Turning, there’s Dorium Maldovar. He makes a comical little gesture at his head - oops! There’s Vastra and Jenny, waving. Strax giving a sontaran salute. Brian Williams - a little nod hello. River Song, blowing the sexiest kiss, and winking. And then, there they are, like the King and Queen of the Prom. The Ponds. Rory and Amy.
Elevens’ alternative regeneration scene, from the draft script. Doctor Who Magazine special edition 38.  (via marriagehoney)


I may call you Jo, mayn’t I?”

The Three Doctors - season 10 - 1973

doctor who story arcs

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"Every lonely monster needs a companion."

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you've redecorated ... i don't like it