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"Doctor who?"

Silver Nemesis - season 25 - 1988

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So how do you think Doctor Who will change you?

There are definitely going to be life changes. I mean Emmerdale changed me, but then you go off and do another job. I went and filmed Titanic and lived in Budapest for three months, met all sorts of people, and that changed me. So I’m sure Doctor Who will, in lots of ways. I’m sure I’m going to get to know a lot of people, and develop a lot of relationships, creatively. There are so many adventures withing the stories. 

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  • Eighth Doctor: I shouldn't have even had to bother you about this. If the Time Lords had ever responded to my message, I still don’t know why they didn't. . .
  • Professor Joyce: Maybe they want you to be stranded. Well, think about it. You must make them very nervous. You topple governments on a spare weekend. What do they think will happen if you ever turn your attention back home?
  • Eighth Doctor: Ridiculous. I’m a personal friend of the President. They would never dare.

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World War Three/The Parting of the Ways: Standing up when nobody else will


"You know our ways."

The Wheel in Space - season 05 - 1968