The Doctor mentions (or doesn’t) his children and his past as a father.

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We’ve got two separate worlds, but in between the two separate worlds, we’ve got the Void. That’s where the Daleks were hiding. And the Cybermen travelled through the Void to get here. And you lot, one world to another, via the Void.

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Doctor Who meme | eight planets/times [8/8]

Planet of the Ood

—Does it scare you?


—That’s good. Want to know why that’s good?

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"Fear makes companions…"

An Unearthly Child - season 01 - 1963

Listen - series 08 - 2014

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Clara Oswald’s normal, everyday life — her biological family, the Maitlands, her job as a teacher — has been a part of 9 out of 12 of her aired episodes — 75%. There is a continual commitment to showing her roots, that travelling with the Doctor is part of, not the whole of her life.